1 Progeny Highlight Video Angled display with large-sized buttons

Single-hand operation for optimal usability

2 Progeny Highlight Video Smartphone-inspired user interface

Fast learning curve for ease of use

3 Progeny Highlight Video Adjustable focus nose cone

Measure through thick polymer or dark glass containers

4 Progeny Highlight Video Integrated digital camera

Error-free, data entry for tracking and regulatory compliance

5 Progeny Highlight Video 1064 excitation laser technology

Measure the most comprehensive range of material identification in a handheld form

6 Progeny Highlight Video High speed multi-function processor and on-board memory

Flexible operation for the most demanding search and quantification algorithms

7 Progeny Highlight Video Sealed system (IP-68) guards against moisture and dust

Rugged warehouse use while minimizing cross-contamination risk

8 Progeny Highlight Video Optional docking station with sampling heads; spare battery included

Recharge, transfer data via USB through sealed cover latch, or auto-recharge, data transfer, and convenient benchtop use with docking station

9 Progeny Highlight Video 21CFRp11 built-in data security

Compliance with cGMP, FDA and USP requirements

Revolutionize Your Material Identification

Redesigned from the ground up, Progeny delivers improved performance, ease of use, and confidence to ensure the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive range of material identification in a handheld form.  The development of new applications or the adaptation to current workflows is now easier than ever.

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Progeny Highlight Video
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